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Beat the Olympics: Run to Work!

With all the hype, buzz and anticipated economic benefits surrounding the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London it’s very easy be blinded by the positive atmosphere it generates. The vast majority of Joe Public, non-Londoners, will forget some of the more negative aspects that this magnificent event will bring to the city.

With the arrival of the Olympics in London this summer there is clearly going to be a huge influx of people coming into and travelling around the city. Increased traffic and congestion is certainly to be expected and this is going to have a detrimental affect on the quality of Londoners’ lives. It will be a pain for everyone in the city and commuters look set to suffer from increased numbers on the transport system. But with a few lifestyles changes you can avoid the stress and tedious nature of being stuck in traffic for hours on end or fighting through an already overloaded, smelly, public transport system.

We all know the consequences of overusing our cars, leading to a much poorer air quality around the city; and this is only heightened during the summer months. So, it’s even more appropriate that we try to adjust our ways by leaving our cars at home and adopting a more environmentally beneficial way of commuting around the city.  The Olympics is a perfect excuse to start your running to work commute and make a real difference!  Check out this previous post on starting out the run commute.

You can take action by becoming more physical, by either running to work, walking, or cycling around the city! This will do wonders for your health and sanity, whilst also benefiting from a swift and convenient way of commuting around town. If cycling or running to work aren’t yet within your grasp, you could consider a gentle or brisk stroll; just leave yourself some extra time. This will allow you to absorb the beauty of the more scenic routes through to work, whilst perhaps also sampling a little rest spot on the way to work at one of the many parks in and around London; maybe sitting for a while to feed pigeons or local wildlife, in-turn giving you a sense of well-being (or a convenient excuse for having a lazy stop-off!).

There are many health benefits associated with running to work, being the rigorous cardiovascular exercise that it is. With the health benefits attached to it usually being motivation enough to at least consider an increase in exercise.  However, a way to maintain motivation is by creating specific goals to achieve by running, such as entering a race or setting yourself an amount of weight to lose.  And by persuading friends or work colleagues to also take part in running to work, we can support each other in our quest for better health and for our city; so spread the word!

So, why not benefit from adopting a new method of commuting around town?

By allowing yourself to get into the routine of running to work now, it won’t feel as much of a chore and you’ll feel well prepared for when the Olympics hit London. You’ll also be benefiting from vastly improved health, less stress, while also allowing you to save £’s on your commuting bill and Lbs from your waist-line. Not to mention you won’t have to worry yourself about being late for work or appointments during the course of the Olympics!

Traffic around the city has always been quite the nightmare to navigate; it doesn’t make sense to make our lives more difficult than what they really need to be. And why waste hours of your day in traffic or sweating on the underground, raising your blood pressure and becoming stressed when you can benefit from running to work.

Lots of people have already taken action and abandoned their vehicles and adopted alternative ways of commuting around the city, such as running. And while we all love the Olympics, we have to remember to take the good with the bad from what it brings, whilst adjusting ourselves into relieving some of the bad effects.

Think of this as YOUR Olympic challenge of turning to running to get to work, and who knows? Hopefully you will enjoy your new healthier lifestyle, and in-turn make this a permanent, very positive, change to your weekly commute. There aren’t really any special requirements to start running, therefore it’s open to people of all ages and persuasions. So, by leaving our cars at home and abandoning public transport, we are all helping to reduce pollution in the city, whilst also maintaining our health and improving our quality of life in general. Help the city by helping ourselves!

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