Running to work in the morning requires thinking about in terms of proper nutrition.   It is likely that the run will be done quite early in the morning and before any proper food or breakfast can be taken on board.

If we factor in that the average run to work will be between 3-8 miles then thankfully an early alarm clock as well as substantial fuelling will not be required.  However, if your run to work is likely to take 30 minutes to over an hour or longer, then you’ll need to think about some sustinence and nutrition. Click Here for a range of bespoke sports supplements for this purpose.

If you are going on a longer run and feel you will need some calories on board, generally you should look to take these from quality carbohydrates.  Proteins won’t provide the same energy benefits and, if digested in the form of meats etc, can make you feel heavy and lethargic.

A good idea for your running to work nutrition is to eat a carbohydrate meal the evening before.  This can be in the form of pasta or rice based dishes.   For an extra bit of fibre and ‘goodness’ then consider wholewheat pasta and brown rice.

Try not to have anything too ‘meaty’ with them.   So a substantial Spaghetti Bolognaise may leave you feeling heavy legged in the morning.

For a lighter feeling, go for an Pasta Arrabiata or a Risotto based mainly around vegetables or fish.   A light paella is a good tasty option.

For the morning of the run, try to eat a light snack at least 30 minutes beforehand.   45 minutes to an hour is preferable.   This can be in the form of a small bowl of cereal.   Avoid overly sugary cereals such as Coco-Pops or Frosties as you’ll get a sugar high followed by a crash on or before the run to work.

Best go for slow releasing carbohydrates such as porridge oats or muesli.  Some added fruit is good, dried or otherwise.  For some extra energy, choose natural honey over sugar.

Some probiotic yoghurt with it is also good for the working of the gut and bowels (keep you regular in the morning!).

If you can’t face anything substantial, then at least try to take on board a banana.  An alternative is Cod Liver Oil with Malt Extract.  This has the advantage of providing the required energy from the malt plus joint assistance from the Cod Liver Oil.

Another excellent option is to buy some carbohydrate based drink mixes from a retailer such as   These can be mixed with water and drunk before the run or during the run on longer runs to work. Click Here for a selection to assist your running to work.

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