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The Benefits of Running in the Morning:

When you do something early in the morning, you always feel you’ve got a bit extra out of the day. Get up when most are still asleep, make yourself busy when they’re still stretching and yawning, and you’ve stolen a head-start. It’s also a time when you’re unlikely to be interrupted. Life is less complicated, and it’s a good time for running.

Wherever your run takes you, the world seems a much fresher place in the early morning. It’s a lot cooler, and the air can be less polluted. You might even see some surprising things, like an urban fox, or somebody staggering home from a night out. You’ll get a whole new outlook on the world.

Morning Exercise

Most of us exercise to be fit and healthy, so does it really matter what time of day we do it? Obviously, exercise is good at any time, but morning exercise has some distinct advantages. Rather than making you tired, a good run will kick-start your metabolism. Do it right at the start of the day, and you’ll feel the benefit for longer. You’ll have more energy during the day, and you’ll burn more calories. There’s also the endorphin boost, what’s called the ‘runner’s-high.’ It won’t make you intoxicated, but it will make you feel more happy and relaxed.

Running to Work

Running to work is a good way to make even better use of your time. Let’s consider some of the advantages of combining your morning exercise, and the daily commute.

First of all, you’re in control. If you drive to work, or use public transport, it’s not you that decides when you get there, it’s the traffic or the transport system. Run to work, and you might never be late again. There’s virtually nothing that can delay you. This also means you’ll never have to leave extra-early, just to be sure you get there on time, because you know exactly how long it’ll take. Especially in cities, running could actually be a quicker way to get to work.

Saving money is also a big factor, and you can cut down on your carbon-emissions. This all depends on what the alternative mode of transport is. Work out what you’d need to spend on fuel or fares, subtract the cost of one half of the journey, and you could be saving quite a bit. Of course, you’ll still need to factor the cost of getting back, but you might be able to run home too.

Running in the morning, and running to work, do raise a number of practical issues. How do you overcome the inertia you feel when the alarm clock goes off? Make sure you allow plenty of time to sleep. Go to bed reasonably early, and you’ll feel more positive in the morning. Some runners even suggest sleeping in your kit. Depending on your sleeping arrangements, that might not be the most romantic thing to do. In any case, never sleep in your running shoes, that’s just odd.

You’ll also need to think about nutrition. It’s never good to run without some calorie-intake, nor should you run on a full stomach. Have an energy bar, or a banana, and drink some water when you get up.

If you run to work, personal hygiene is another consideration. You’ll need a shower when you get there. Are there any facilities at work, and are they fully-functioning? If not, is there a gym nearby that you could use?

When you weigh up all the pros and cons, it’s a bit surprising that running in the morning isn’t more popular than it is. Slightly more runners seem to prefer the evening, but that can be a tough challenge. You’ve probably been working all day, you feel tired, and you’ve still got things to do. It takes a lot of will-power to get over these kinds of obstacles. Switch your run to the morning, and the biggest challenge is to get out of bed. Once you’ve done that, the rest is straight-forward.

Running to Work. Try it: you WONT regret it :-)

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