To make the task of running to work as pleasant as possible and therefore increase the chance of it becoming part of the daily or weekly routine, it is a good idea to invest a bit of money in the proper gear.


All links here lead direct to the websites of quality retailers where you can safely and securely order your running to work kit.  For which you will need the following:-



Assuming the run will be mostly on roads and/or pavements, a pair of running shoes for support will be required. Don’t make the mistake of using gym shoes or cross training shoes which won’t provide the support required for road running.

Recognised brands obviously include Nike and Adidas but if you’re new to running you should also think about specialist running brands such as ASICS, Brooks and Mizuno.  I tend to switch between ASICS and Nike but many people I know swear by other brands such as those I’ve mentioned.

For Runners By Runners sell a wide range of men’s and women’s running shoes to order on line for delivery to your door. ActivInstinct are also well worth a close look.


Running Backpack

A good lightweight backpack is essential for running to work.  Beginners and those with little storage space at work should look for a minimum of 20 litres.  Advanced runners or those with more storage space can go for less.  30 litres is fine if you need to carry all your daily clothes and equipments but look for a lightweight design.

Cotswold Outdoor sell the excellent OMM range which are both lighweight and strong and competitively priced.


Running Leggings (for cold days)

Bearing in mind that runs to work will be done in the early hours and the British climate (!) a good pair of running leggings will be required.  For Runners By Runners is a good place to go for Nike leggings for both men and women



An essential if the weather is warm or can be used as modesty shorts over tight leggings.   Running shorts are generally lighter than traditional gym shorts and may have a high cut from the thigh to the waist to promote easy leg movement.  If you are unsure about size, think about erring towards going larger as running should be comfortable and any restriction can impact on that.

Again, For Runners By Runners have a wide range of quality shorts for purchase on-line.


Running Tops

A good running top will make your run into work far more comfortable. You should avoid cotton material which will absorb sweat which’ll add to weight and the cold.  Look for a specialist wicking top.

Also, with a running backpack, you might want to look for a running top with a higher collar to protect against chafing from the backpack straps.



A good pair of running socks can make your run to work a more comfortable experience.  It’s easy to think that any old pair will do; after all their only job is to stop your feet rubbing against your trainer. Right?  Well, no, not really.  Good running socks nowadays will offer cushioning and support in the right places.  The balls of your feet, your toes and heel area all take a pounding during running and a good running sock will protect against this.  They should also be tighter around the arch to allow the shoe to fit more snugly. Do not ignore this often overlooked piece of equipment!



It might be that your run to work is only a few miles and maybe under half an hour or so.  It might be that you don’t sweat too much and can hydrate the night before running to work.   The British morning weather might not mean a hydration system is required, but if you’re anything like me and feel easily dehydrated then a good hydration system can make your run that more comfortable.  This is true of the longer runs, and I would always take some form of hydration on any of my runs over half an hour.



I tend not to wear waterproofs on my bottom half as they can restrict your running pattern and the legs are generally less sensitive to cold than your core area.  So it can be important to protect your torso from the weather conditions that the British climate can throw at you!   Look for lightweight waterproofs.  Gore Tex is breathable but can be expensive in waterproofs.  A lightweight ‘shell’ type jacket is a good place to start.  Think also about brighter colours for the early winter morning running to work.


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