Running is a fantastic way to beat stress. FACT!

Running gives you some ‘me’ time and a chance to pick through thoughts about any major concerns or problems that need addressing. It’s an accepted fact that running clears the mind and provides the perfect platform to make balanced decisions.

For many, the morning trip to the office, the factory, the station, the *whatever* can be a stressful time as we ‘go over’ the outstanding problems and the issues to face in the day.

Research has proved that active and regular runners lead a healthier and happier life than their dormant counterparts.  There are other reasons for this aside the chance to think clearly and have some time to yourself.

Endorphins are known to be released when physical activity is undertaken.

Endorphins are the bodies natural pain killers and are released into your system when a level of exercise is taken that puts the body under duress.

The Endorphins can ‘kick in’ during the run, but the major benefits of this euphoria are felt at the end after your shower or bath.  Endorphins are also some times referred to as the ‘runners high’.

Endorphins also help slow the physical onset of ageing and help quell anxiety.  As well as the release of Endorphins, the mental benefits of getting into, or, remaining in shape cannot be underestimated.

Whilst all sorts of exercise help to release endorphins into the blood stream, research has shown that running will release the endorphins to a greater extent than other forms of cardio training.

Contrary to feeling tired from running to work, the endorphins will keep you feeling motivated, alert, less tense and fight depression.  If you have an important meeting or presentation to prepare for, there’s no doubt the endorphin release from a morning run will clear the brain and relax the system.

It should also be noted the effects of the endorphins are felt more strongly by those with a regular running pattern and in better physical health.  So there really is much to aim for.

Once running into work becomes part of your weekly or daily routine, there’s little doubt that your quality of life and overall health will greatly increase.

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